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Dan can also help with a variety of other problems that are not golf-related. You can stop smoking, lose weight, manage chronic pain, get relief from stress and much more!

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From a mishit to the LPGA Hall of Fame!

Being able to shrug off a bad shot is a key skill taught in Dan's programs. Betsy King's first shot in the final round of the 1995 Shoprite tournament was a 40-yard mishit. But she recovered for par on that same hole and won the tournament and a spot in the LPGA Hall of Fame.






Hypnosis via Skype!

No matter where you live, you can have a hypnosis session with Dan. With the free Skype program, you can experience the life-changing power of hypnosis in the comfort of your own home.

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Services and Fees

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Dan offers the following hypnosis programs for golfers

Great Golf for Amateurs - $400

These three hour-long sessions address your regular game, putting and troubleshoot any problem-specific areas you might have. With this package you will pare that handicap down, stroke by stroke.

Great Golf for Pros - $540

This four-session package is for the seasoned amateur who wants to go pro or the pro golfer who wants to power past any limitations and rule those tournament games. These individually tailored sessions will teach you powerful techniques that have helped Tiger Woods and other pros succeed!

Anger Management for Golf- $300

You've probably seen Tiger Woods (who is well-known for using hypnosis for his golf game) curse after a bad shot, but how is it that by the time he's ready for the next shot, that anger is completely gone, allowing him to fully concentrate again? Can it be that easy to let go of anger? The answer is yes. In this program you will learn to easily let go of anger so that you can play a better game. Two sessions.

Get Rid of the Yips - $300

One quarter to one half of all seasoned golfers have experienced the Yips at one point or another. This session teaches powerful hypnosis and NLP techniques to get back in control and leave the Yips behind. Two sessions.

No More Shanking - $300

Why is it that one much-feared shank shot can lead to another and another? Break this vicious cycle with powerful hypnosis and NLP techniques to get you where you are solidly hitting the ball again. Two sessions.

Rapid Healing: Get Back on the Course - $170

Hypnosis has been proven to speed the healing process. This single session gets you on the road to recovering from an injury or surgery as speedily as possible so you can get back out on the course.

Single-session followup - $140

If you've been through any of the programs above and want to do some additional work on your game via hypnosis, this custom one-hour single session is for you.

Policies: When you make an appointment that time period will be reserved for you only. We do not overbook in case of cancellations and rescheduled appointments. A $50 deposit must be paid in advance to hold your appointment. 24 hrs notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Unless you give 24 hours notice of a cancellation or to reschedule your appointment your deposit will be non-refundable.

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